At Home Hardware Plus, we offer a large variety of heavy duty door closers to assist and support your more substantial commercial doors. We have four featured heavy duty closer series, all of which have an adjustable spring tension and can fit door that can support up to 243 pound doors! These closers are often used for heavy storm doors, very large or ornate storefront doors, and solid metal doors. Heavy duty closers are built to last, making this door hardware able to withstand heavy in and out traffic for a booming business or very popular commercial space. We have our 400/500 Series door closer, which is one of our most popular heavy duty closers due to it’s large variety of size and finishes and certifications.  We also feature our 600 Series, 4300 Series, and 4361 Series (all of which are ADA handicap certified and fit BHMA/ANSI standards.) We also boast a large selection of interchangeable accessories such as closer arms, brackets, and covers to help to make your purchase everything your business deserves. With such a large selection of certified heavy duty closers in versatile finishes, you are bound to find something that is perfect for your industrial door needs.

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