We offer a wide range of exit devices and panic hardware that will increase the security and durability of your commercial doors. An exit device is a locking device for any exit door, consisting of a bar extending across the inside of a door that releases the door latch when pushed. Our exit devices at Home Hardware Plus come in two styles: a crash bar exit device or a rim panic bar exit device. Both exit devices extend the entire width of the door, but are also available with a vertical rod feature to accommodate commercial double doors. This feature makes the locking device secure with two-point latching, which is both the top and the bottom of the door. Exit doors with mullions require a vertical rod for their exit door hardware.

Our commercial exit devices are most commonly seen in heavy traffic commercial areas that require commercial certifications, such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, public retail spaces, and any other large scale commercial space you can think of. This hardware is designed for use on a variety of single and double doors, which can be cut down to size for each specific door. Most of our exit devices also have fire rating certification or extra-large sizes to work with any specific project you may need. With a variety of finishes, sizes, and styles, we are guaranteed to have a commercial exit device that will seamlessly compliment your commercial doors.