We offer a large variety of commercial butt hinges to help you upgrade your commercial door’s function. These commercial hinges are our standard commercial hinge template, also commonly known as a butt hinge. These are made specifically for high traffic commercial and industrial settings and fit all ANSI and BHMA standards.

Also known as a mortise hinge, the butt hinge is standard hinge for use on doors. A butt hinge is constructed of two matching leaves of metal connected by a central pin in the center. When properly installed, the two leaves of a butt hinge should sit flush against each other, which allows the door to sit perfectly flush with the doors’ jamb. As one of the most popularly used hinges in the United States, many interior and exterior residential doors incorporate butt hinges. The use of stainless steel or brass will typically be required to help prevent corrosion that disrupts hinge movement.

Butt hinges are easy to use and install, making them an amazing and affordable addition to your home or storefront. With a huge selection of finishes and sizes to choose from, you’re bound to find a Commercial Series Hinges that exudes both style and efficiency. We guarantee you’ll find a hinge that you love for the price you deserve.