We offer a large variety of spring hinges to help you upgrade your commercial door’s function. Spring hinges are self-closing hinges that consists of a spring mechanism in their barrel, which allows for the hinges to automatically close a door. These are an easy and affordable replacement for your standard butt hinge that will greatly enhance your business entrance and allow for potential hands-free exiting without damage to your door. They also serve as reasonable alternatives to overhead mounted door closers or any other bulky closing device accessory for your commercial space. Featuring adjustable spring tensions and a huge selection of finishes and sizes to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find a high-quality hinge for a low quality price.

With hinge sizes ranging from 3.5 square inches to 4.5 square inches, we will be able to help you enhance your commercial doors. We have a huge variety of different finishes such as chrome, satin chrome, brass, bright brass, primed for paint, nickel, and many more. We guarantee you’ll find a hinge that you love for the price you deserve.