• Friction Catch Adjustable

    Starting At: $1.72
    Our Friction Door Catch locks require minimal resistance to open and are easy to close. This lock is very popular for pantry or laundry room uses and are installed in the top, bottom, or side edge of doors to hold them in a closed position. The lock is available in our US3 and US26 finish.
  • Our Trans-Atlantic Ball Catch is perfect for doors in your home that rarely require locking, such as the laundry room, cabinetry, or kitchen pantry. Ball catches are typically installed in the top, bottom, or side edge of doors to hold them in a closed position. Available in our custom US3 finish.
  • The Storefront Foot Bolt that we offer is a great addition to any storefront door that has a mullion for a security lock. The door hardware ranges from easy residential door bolts to more heavy duty commercial bolts. Available in a variety of finishes and styles. See below for more detailed descriptors to determine what bolt is best for you.
  • Security Barrel Bolts

    Starting At: $5.17
    Our Barrel Bolts are some of the easiest and safest ways to keep your space safe while on a budget. Made especially to protect heavy-weight, commercial storefront doors, these security bolts some of our customers favorite bolts. Available in three different sizes and two styles, you're sure to find a barrel bolt that is right for you.
  • Lever Flush Bolts

    Starting At: $6.93
    We have flush bolts for your commercial space or heavier usage residential space to keep the things you love protected. These are commonly seen on commercial double doors, such as in a school or a hospital where larger entrances are often needed to accommodate varying traffic flows. The flush bolt then acts as a way to lock the inactive door in place and allow the opposing door to stay open, or to have both doors open. Available in four finishes and with a fire rated or standard option, these flush bolts will keep you secure without being obvious.
  • ADA Door Signs

    Starting At: $15.17
    Our ADA Door Sign varieties include 5/8 inch raised white lettering with either a black or blue color finish in a 8 inch by 8 inch pictogram. We have an ADA door sign to indicate an exit door, the men's restroom, the women's restroom, wheelchair handicap accessible, and handicap accessible restrooms.
  • Wire Door Pull

    Starting At: $1.29
    Wire door pulls are essential cabinet pulls used commonly for utility applications such as cabinets and drawers, but can also be used for a clean contemporary look. Our easy to install wire door pull are available in our AL and US26D finish.
  • Our Trans-Atlantic Magnetic Door Catch can be placed on any non-hinge side of your door to hold it in a closed position. This is great for a door in which you normally don’t have enough hands to open or close, and is often used for kitchen cabinetry. Available in our US26 finish.
  • Our Trans-Atlantic Drive Ball Catches are perfect for doors in your home that rarely require locking, such as the laundry room, closets, or kitchen pantry. Requires minimal force to hold them in a closed position and reopen. Available in our US3 finish.
  • Push Plates

    Starting At: $6.33
    Our ADA Push Plates are great for commercial door that add a decorative accent and protect the door surface in high traffic areas. These are available in three sizes and are extremely easy to install. Our push plates are easily cleaned for a polished look and come in AL, US3, and US32D. 
  • Pull Plates

    Starting At: $20.00
    Our ADA pull plates are great for commercial doors, adding a decorative accent and protecting the door surface in high traffic areas. With a dummy handle attached, pull plates are easily cleaned and comfortable to use. Available in three sizes and finishes, including our AL, US3, and US32D Stainless Steel finish.
  • Door Pull Handles

    Starting At: $6.34
    The Trans-Atlantic Door Pull Handles are perfect for a residential application where a sturdy, long lasting handle is needed. This residential door hardware has a thick handle and heavy cast aluminum body, making it perfect for outdoor storage spaces or indoor heavy duty usage. Available in both our AL and DU finishes.
  • Our Tee Door Handles are often used for truck caps, garage doors, toolboxes, or any application which would undergo less usage but under more extreme conditions. This US26 finish tee handle comes with two different keying options and is able to be used on any handed door.
  • We offer Door Mail Slots to make access to personal mail easy and attractive. With sizes varying for both letter and magazine slots, we have everything you need. Available in Satin Chrome and Brass finishes.
    *When ordering Exterior Spring slot, you must order either Interior Gravity Mounting or Trim Plate for complete set.
  • We supply both drop down and step on Door Holders. Common on the bottom corner of doors for a hands free opening system, this is a simple and cost effective way to improve your room accessibility. Popular in both commercial and residential settings, we have door hardware available for you in a variety of finishes and sizes.
  • Our Door Stops are made of wrought steel and cast brass, and feature a rubber stopper on the front face of the stop. These door stoppers are great in residential homes, but are ideally designed to withstand heavy usage often seen in commercial spaces. With installation hardware included, you're guaranteed to find something to match your space with all of our finishes and style options.
  • These latch guards mount to the door and are used to protect any specific door lock or guard latch bolt from outside entry. It is very practical and can be used for residential homes, commercial storefronts, and industrial doors.
  • Door Kick Plates

    Starting At: $13.22
    Trans Atlantic Door Kick Plates are typically located on the bottom of your door and help to protect from kicks, scuffs, and any other wear and tear a door may encounter. These kick plates are suitable for commercial doors with heavier traffic and come in a variety of finishes to match any décor.
  • Door Viewer

    Starting At: $3.44
    Our Trans-Atlantic Door Viewers are made with customer safety and product durability as our highest priority. This door accessory has a highly polished optic lenses for extra wide viewing angles that help you see what's out there. With three available finishes and a UL fire rated option, these are the perfect accessory for your residential or commercial door.
  • Door Chime Viewers

    Starting At: $19.50
    These Door Chime Viewers provide a great 180 degree visibility out your door as well as a nice two-tone chime. This adds practicality and awareness to your door functionality. Available in our custom US3 and US26D finish.