• Omnia Urban Handleset

    Starting At: $57.00
    The Urban Handleset features a squared back plate and angular handle. With its contemporary styling, this modern door handleset is one of our most popular Omnia door hardware. With two modern lever trim options, this door entrance hardware is sure to be a sleek and sophisticated accent to your contemporary home. The Urban Handleset is available in a panic-proof entry, single dummy, and pair dummy handle function, coming in a stainless steel material and finish. Omnia Logo
  • Omnia Metro Handleset

    Starting At: $52.50
    The Metro Handleset features a rounded contemporary handle with sleek curves and a stainless steel finish. Popular for its simplistic style and high functionality, this is the perfect handleset for your modern homes front entrances and side doors. The Metro Entrance Handle sets are available in a panic-proof, single dummy interior or exterior, and pair dummy function, this entrance hardware is available in a Satin Stainless Steel finish. Omnia Logo
  • Omnia Estate Handleset

    Starting At: $93.00
    The Estate Handleset features a clean and classic door handleset, with smooth curved handle and knob thumb piece. This item is great for your home's front entrance door or any interior doors leading to an exterior space, such as a patio or sun room. Popular because of its separate handle and door lock cylinder, this handleset is a classic addition to any residential entrance. The Estate handle set is available in five different functions, and either a Polished Brass (lacquered), Max Brass or Shaded Bronze finish. Omnia Logo
  • Omnia Manor Handleset

    Starting At: $72.75
    The Manor Entrance Handleset is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. A sleek, square shaped body handleset with cornered edges and a slightly embellished handle makes this a popular choice for your homes door. This item is often used for newer model homes and apartment entry doors. Made by Omnia, the Manor handlesets are available in an entry, double cylinder, panic-proof, single dummy, and pair dummy handle functions. Available in either Polished Brass (lacquered) and Shaded Bronze finishes. Omnia Logo
  • Omnia Georgica Handleset

    Starting At: $204.75
    The Georgica Entrance Handleset has an old fashioned feel with its ornate top and bottom, featuring a raised outline and intricate detailing. With beautiful detailing and smooth, easy to grab handles, this item is popular amongst people who prefer a more traditional look to their home. This entrance handleset compliments any darker colored residential doors, such as your front door or ones leading to an inside office, bathroom, or formal sitting room. The Georgica handlesets are available in five function and 5 finishes. Omnia Logo