Our GLS and DB200 residential deadbolts are an affordable way to keep the things that you love safe. Providing top-notch security, these grade 3 deadbolts are a necessary addition to any lockset to give it extra strength and efficiency. The grade 3 classification means that this is a light duty deadbolt, and is extremely efficient for any door that is not undergoing a large amount of in and out traffic.

We have residential deadbolt options with single cylinder, double cylinder, and single cylinder with interchangeable (I.C) cores incase a deadbolt lock needs to be changed multiple times without actually removing it from the door. Our I.C Core option is great for those who lease out residential spaces or are used by multiple people with the same key. These options have options in our brass, bronze, and stainless steel finishes to match any home décor that you may have.  We want to provide such easy and affordable security additions so that you have every opportunity to keep your family safe and sound.