Home Hardware Plus provides only the best quality residential butt hinges you could need to secure your door. We offer rounded and straight cornered hinges that would be perfect in any indoor or outdoor residential space.

To start with the very basics, a hinge is a movable joint mechanism on which a door, gate, or lid swings as it opens and closes, or that connects linked objects. They consist of two rectangular metal plates with screw holes joined by either a pin or rod. Butt hinges, which are the standard and most common hinge, tend to be used in multiples but also in three or fours to make sure that your door is securely attached in your environment.

Terms typically used to describe hinges are as follows: leaves, gauge, hinge width, and length. Gauge refers to the thickness of the leaves. Leaves are the two flaps of the hinge that are screwed to your door or other open/close surface. The leaves are each side of the hinge that is subsequently attached to the door, making it function. The gauge of the hinge is to determine its thickness of metal material, and the hinge width and length are used to determine the dimensions of the flat surface area of the hinge (quite self-explanatory, right?) Home Hardware Plus has a large variety of finishes and sizes to choose from. We guarantee you’ll find residential butt hinges that you love for the price you deserve.